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Preserved All Natural Moss Is A No-Fuss Solution For Adding Greenery To Your Space.

A preserved all natural moss installation requires no watering or maintenance and lasts a long time. It's the perfect choice for offices, restaurants, heath care facilities, or schools. Visit Our Work to see more Green Wall Solutions.

The A-Oak Farms Charleston Team Gets Spooky With Their Creations.

Time for Ghost and Goblins! Thanks to Lindsey Anderson and the A Oak Farms Charleston team for this spooky creation. A Oaks would love to help you with all your Holiday season events and decorations.

Celebrate the Fall Season with Color!

Fall has just begun. It's not too late to celebrate the Season of Color! Call AOak Farms at (800) 359-4900.

Flower Beds Year Round Add Appeal For Customers and Visitors.

Myrtle Beach is still busy with exterior installs and you can still book fall installations. Call us to enquire about a free consultation.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Called A-Oak Farms To Revive The Tropical Garden.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens called on A-Oak Farms to help them reestablish the tropical displays after a devastating year in 2020.

Charleston Crew Installs Plants At Country Club

Some beautiful interior plants, designed and installed by our Charleston Crews. If you are interested in a free consultation, our representative Lindsey Anderson will be glad to help you.

Summer Time Colors Radiant With Tropical Plants.

Just love summer time and the beautiful exterior planters. Thanks to our Columbia crew for this gorgeous tropical combination.