Making The Right Choice

Your office needs plants to enhance the overall space and create comfortable and relaxing environment. A-Oak Farms can help you make the best selection for your building or office space.

There are three essential considerations before making a purchase.

Evaluate The Space

Your office space needs plants to enhance the overall environment. However, you're not sure how to get started. A-Oak Farms can help. First, evaluate the space for plant sizes, the number of plants required and the amount of foot traffic within the area.

Selecting Plants

A-Oak Farms guides you through the process of selecting the best type and variety of plants for your environment.

Our Seasonal Color and Corporate Floral Programs bring your space to life. They will keep your space looking great year round.


Maintenance Considerations

When selecting plants, you should give maintenance some consideration. You can keep your plant selections looking their best through our Guaranteed Plant Maintenance Service. Our friendly trained staff will visit on a regularly scheduled basis to properly water, prune and cares for your plants. Should your plant show signs of decline, A-Oak Farms promptly replaces it at no additional cost to you.

Place Your Order

A-Oak Farms is ready to take your order at (800) 359-4900, or to answer any questions you may have. You may also Contact Us with your questions concerning plant selections, services and requests for project bids through our online request form.